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Join hundreds of other dealers in offering your customers the best vehicle coverage in the industry.

Keeping your customers on the road, and your bottom line healthy

Autrella offers the most unique vehicle coverage available. Our plans are built to increase your dealership's profits, and just as importantly, your customers' satisfaction. Our support is unmatched in the industry.

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Comprehensive Dealership Plans

The most comprehensive coverage your customers are looking for.

Power Train Coverage

We offer extensive car, truck, and motorcycle engine, transmission, vital driveline component coverage and replacement in each protection plan.

Steering and Suspension Coverage

Steering and Suspension take a beating on the road. They can break, leak, and malfunction. We are here to protect your customers and increase your returns.

Electrical Coverage

That’s right, from alternators, to fuel pumps, and just about everything in between, we have your customer covered. Offer the coverage that your customers can trust from Autrella.

Huge Profits on Great Coverage

Our plans allow you to become profitable. Autrella can help structure your incentives to improve your success.

In-depth reporting

Autrella’s Dealership Dashboard lets dealerships view plans and highlight profits and returns.

Custom Markups

Dealerships can set market and sales incentive kickbacks on the ground floor

Fast payouts

Built to increase dealer sales, Autrella offers plans to create returns.

Customer Claims & Support

Autrella redefines extended service plans by offering true customer care and reliable, transparent services.

Nationwide Coverage

Service plans extending from coast to coast, and even Canada.

Fast and Fair Claims Response

We provide personal support from our team right here in the U.S.

Comprehensive Protection

We cover nearly the entire vehicle so your customer can focus on what matters.

Real-time dashboard tailored for you

Manage the things that matter most with Autrella's real-time dashboard. We partnered with this industry leader PCMI to allow you to:

  • Rate and create contracts in minutes
  • Manage remittances and contract reporting
  • Integrate with most Menu providers for ease of integration

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