Our mission.

Autrella will redefine automotive extended service plans by offering true customer care and reliable, transparent services. We will offer our customers a brand they can count on.

Redefining the automotive industry.


Autrella has defined a completely new approach to protecting your automobile. We are a group of real people working hard to demand more from the automotive coverage industry. We believe in a simple approach. Your car, truck, or motorcycle should have extended coverage beyond the unreliable factory warranty or a typical third-party provider. Our automotive service plans offer quality protection on the entire vehicle so you can drive with confidence.

Good people, great protection.

Our team is passionate about friendly, genuine communication combined with the best in vehicle coverage. Our U.S.A support team is available to guide you through the simple setup process as well as handle claims for those times you need to lean on your policy protection.

Service you can actually count on.


We protect people as much we do vehicles. If your car, truck, or motorcycle needs service, we understand the importance of having reliable service. Our automotive service plans are accepted at almost any certified dealership, as well as a large national network of private repair shops. So you can rest assured that Autrella has you covered.

Values matter.

Autrella literally means the "auto-umbrella". We think our values should support who we are as a brand and company.


Automotive Integrity


Communication & Support


Service Excellence


"Our goal is simply providing customers the highest value in extended auto protection at the most affordable price".


John Messich
Dir., Sales & Support, Autrella

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