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Autrella offers extended vehicle service plans on cars, minivans, SUV's, pickup trucks, and even motorcycles. So whatever's in your garage, we've got you covered.  Ready to get start? Grab a quote >

Pickup Truck Coverage

Autrella offers extended vehicle protection plans on most light, mid-sized, and full-sized pickup trucks. We know how important it is to depend on your truck when you need it most. Make sure you've got peace of mind that you can get the job done right and get your truck protected on and off the job site.

Car & Minivan Coverage

Whether you're commuting to work for a big meeting or picking the kids up from the big game, you don't want to be left without vehicle protection. We spend so much time in our cars and minivans and if something does break, you want to have peace of mind that you have auto coverage no matter what.

Motorcycle Coverage

Ride free without worry. We offer motorcycle extended coverage plans on almost every type of bike. Our extended service plans also cover aftermarket parts and accessories so even if your factory warranty has expired you can count on Autrella.

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