Exotic Dealership Program.

Autrella LUX is tailored to fit luxury auto dealership networks. LUX is built to offer a higher level of protection and comfort along with the quality assurance you can expect from the Autrella name.

"The LUX program allows our dealer network to offer coverage that makes sense for our high-end customer base."

John Baily, Finance Manager
South Bend Luxury Auto Group

Built for F&I

Our company is built and supported by members who come from the finance and insurance world. We have worked in dealerships and now we work for them.

Easy Access

Autrella makes is extremely easy to create an online account and submit a new customer application. The entire process takes minutes. We know how busy you are, we don't waste time.

Tools for Success

Once you become an Autrella certified dealership affiliate, you will receive a full package of sales and business tools to make sure you are armed with the knowledge and resources needed to succeed.

Big Returns

Our plans are set up to help you become profitable. As a leading extended service plan agency, we understand how important it is to structure incentives so that you can make money.

Responsive Support

As an affiliate, you will be assigned a dedicated Autrella dealership representative. Our team is extremely responsive and transparent to help with any questions along the way.

Proven System

Our approach to working with dealerships is based on a partnership. We understand what that means because we have experience working with dealers across the country.

Already a LUX Dealer? Sign into the LUX Dashboard.

LUX Dealership Application


Please complete the Autrella dealership affiliate program application below to the best of your ability. Once we receive your submission, a team member will review your application and follow up with you. If you are approved we will provide a dealership code and login to begin processing online applications.